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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Lunch! (Fairview, Quezon City. March 2011)

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Before we (Me, K and Etz) went for a UP photowalk, Ethel cooked lunch for us! Twas so delish!!! Thanks looooooveee! Yummeeeeeeehhhh! Those shrimps make me salivate just looking at it.

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Boiled Crabs.

The crabs looked so delicious, too bad I don't eat crabs. I used to have allergies when I was a kid and it disappeared during my teen years, but I got so used to not eating it, I just don't eat it. And when people push me, I tell them I'm allergic. :)

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Nilagang Baboy.

This is Nilagang Baboy I think. I tried to google the english term for this but all I got is Boiled Pork with Vegetables. That sounded so bland, soooo contrary to how it tasted. It was a gastronomic delight, I think I finished more than half of this. So much for not eating rice! Raaaaaaahhhh!

I don't cook, so this was a treat! I rarely eat home cooked meals ever since I moved out of our house after college. Makes me miss my Mom's Sinigang and Tofu Steak! My sisters are so lucky to be home eating these kinds of food everyday! For the past five years, I've been stuffing myself with fast food meals and canned goods that I can manage to heat. When I want to eat something good, it usually means throwing cash like I didn't break my back working for it. I don't like spending so much on food coz it makes me fat and poor! But what can I do? I'm a terrible cook and I love eating, so much that I have a food and travel blog. Haha! Oh well, we all can't be perfect right? LOLz!

Thanks again Etz for a lovely meal! Kisses!

I don't have a photo of the cake K bought! Argggh.

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