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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Caffe Ti Amo (Greenbelt 5, Makati. February 2011)

Small sized Gelatos at Php 49. Yogurt and Coffee flavor. Gelatos have lower butterfat content, so they must be healthier.

My new favorite ice cream and waffle resto! This one bumps Cafe Breton on the top of my list for best dessert places.

I've been here a lot of times before and after this post and I've recommended this place to a lot of my friends already. I just love it! You can find it inside Greenbelt 5, at the corner connecting Greenbelt 5 and 1, in front of the Mango store.

The interior was inviting and oh so cozy. The lighting was perfect and the couches and stools created a homey cool atmosphere. I would just love to stay here the whole afternoon and eat waffles and blog. Did I mention they had free wifi? :)

The staff are uber nice too! They're always smiling and ready to serve you.

They had more than 10 flavors. My favorites are yogurt and cheesecake. They offer free taste too (small spoonful), you can try all the flavors if you like.

I liked these mugs stacked to their shelves. They're probably for sale.

The wall posters are awesome!

Get your Gelato now!

Food : 8/10 Yummy Gelato!
Ambiance : 9/10. Chillaxin!
Price : 50-200 per person.
Plus : Free WIFI! Inexpensive.
Minus : Nothing!

Caffe Ti-Amo
Gelato Creamworks Corp
Space 1-001 Greenbelt 5, Phase 2
Ayala Center, Makati City 1224
Contact Number : 09088945060


LANDBANK said...

wow na-try mo na palan baga yan si pig-"model2" mi man daa ni omar haha.part din kasi siya kang jollibee foods corp.haha. pero dai pa kami nakakakan ulit duman after kato. :)

ezra said...

ay eu bongga jobi palan yan? pirmi ako jan ta harani lang sa harong. saka barato pati. hehe

tsenaberr said...

ay hanep ta landbank acct palan si gamit ko hahaha. eu JFC sya,ngalas man ngani ko hehe. try mi man daw jan. :)

ezra said...

aha! ika palan blogger kang landbank hehe.

ano man yan ta dae ko mahiling blog mo.

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