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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To Open Locked Itouch 4 When On Voice Over Mode (and Disable It).

The Voice Over mode in Itouch freakin drove me insane for thirty long minutes last night!

So I was playing with the settings and I accidentally turned on the voice over mode! It was the most irritating thing that could ever happen to someone who doesn't know how to turn it off! I swear, I wanted to smack it to the wall! LOL.

Anyway, I was out of my mind because it automatically locked because I set a password on the auto lock feature and I couldn't open it. I tried to input the code but it wont work! Grrrrrrr!!!

After a while, I finally had the sense to google it but the instructions I read were not helping. I'm blogging about it now in case someone needs the info. Here you go.

1. Your password is in a four number code usually. Input the first number and tap twice on the space (not in any number) and then input the next number and then tap twice on the space again. Do this 4x. You should be able to unlock your Itouch. (Example : If your password is 1234, input 1 and then tap twice on the space below ENTER PASSCODE words. repeat for the next three codes.)

2. Once Itouch is unlocked, go to Home>Settings>General>Accessibility>VoiceOver and click Off. Take note that to scroll down you have to use 3 fingers (i know! who thought about that?!).


Hope this helped, so you can avoid going crazy like I did. :)

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