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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Talk.

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Camera : Nikon D3100 (Neng's)
Mode : Manual
Location : Pioneer Pointe, Boni. PH.
Date : February 2011

I'm loving babies lately. It's so weird. This cutey is Aaron, Ethel's nephew.

I remember when Danica was born, everything felt like a miracle. Like I gave birth to her myself. I recall suddenly wondering how it is possible to have a person inside your tummy. And who the hell decided that it can only come out after 9 months?

I love how a little person is suddenly your whole world. It's so weird that you can love this tiny creature with all your heart, when you just met. Or how she can make you feel so loved just by holding your finger w/ her tiny hand.

I feel slushy today. What am I talking about? Babies. Gaaah.

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