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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fuzion. (Greenbelt 3, Makati. February 2011)

Sucks when you don't know how to cook and Greenbelt is the nearest food haven from your house.

(Greenbelt) Where everything is expensive and most people are beautiful. Haha! How could I resist, right? I don't like fastfood places. I prefer restaurants where I can sit and relax without the feeling of being rushed. I don't like crowded restaurants unless the food is to die for.

Saw the February promo in Fuzion while walking around Greenbelt 3, looking for a place to have dinner. I've never tried the food there before 'coz I thought they just sold smoothies. Only Php 270 for an order of Fish and Fries and Margherita Pizza, awesome!

Fish and Fries. The fries wasn't available so we got the nachos instead. It was surprisingly good, the fish was so tender.

Margherita Pizza. I loved it. I would definitely go back for this.

Love notes peppered the facade of Fuzion in preparation for Valentine's Day. It was cute. :)

I liked the interior, it was inviting.

Food : 8/10 loved the food!
Ambiance : 8/10. I liked it, felt like I was in highschool.
Price : 200-300 per person.
Plus : Lady Manager was so nice. :)
Minus : No WIFI.

3rd level, Greenbelt 3.
Makati City, PH.


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