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Friday, May 25, 2012

Exhibit Worthy!

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Location : Lantaka, Zamboanga.
Camera : Canon D10
Date : June 2011

I just found out out that this photo I took last year will be part of a real exhibit (idN Club Phils Annual Exhibitors 2012 Graphic Expo). It may not be a huge deal, but hey, i'm still psyched! I dunno the details and I really don't care. I'm just happy that some pro photographers think this photo is worthy even if it's my least favorite of the 3 that I submitted. Just shows that beauty is really relative. So thank you!

IdN is a photography group that I joined in 2008 and I was able to only participate in only one of their activities, a photoshoot in Binondo. Can you believe it's been 4 years since then? I remember them to be so nice, even invited us to one of the member's houses (Sir TJ's) and fed us yummy mongolian food! I wish there were more photowalks to join. And me to have more time to participate. :)

This is my happy pill for today. I dream one day that I will have my own exhibit showing all my work. That will be awesome!

- Happy Ezra

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