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Thursday, May 31, 2012

40% Off on All Starbucks Classic Logo Cold Cup! (May - June 2012)

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Bought mine last Monday while availling of the last 50% off on all fraps (every Monday in May 2012). So much for my low calorie week. I went alone and while on queue I saw this giant cup on sale.

A sucker for sale, I bought one. Plus, my water tumbler at work is getting fugly anyways. And I gave away all my Starbucks tumblers (more like they made me give them away). At Php 350, this is quite a deal, knowing how expensive Starbucks products can be. They make up for this in their impecabble service though, so I can't complain. They are all so nice (esp. the branches in The Fort), even I, can't even be that nice all the time. Haha!

So I posted this just in case some people do not know about this yet. The promo lasts until June 30, 2012 or until supplies last.

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1 comment:

Tin said...

Haha, so other branches does really have this 40%
Discount on classic logo tumblers.

I'm one of those suckers who bought this one! xD

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