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Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicken Wings and Pasta! (Pizzeria, Glorietta 3. Makati. May 2011)

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6 Buffalo Wings at Php 170.

Every now and then I crave for Pizzeria's chicken wings! We ordered the wrong dish though, this one is the Buffalo Wings. A bit too salty for me, but delish just the same. I only finished 2 pcs as opposed to the usual 3. Chicken wings is my comfort food (oh KFC!).

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Meatball Parmigiana at Php 230.

Steaming hot and yummy, this pasta is perfect on a rainy day. I put a lot of tabasco sauce on this one when I eat it. I like my food spicy hot!

I saw my last post on Pizzeria and realized that I order the same thing everytime! LOL.

Food : 9/10.
Ambiance : 6/10. the place is old and small. they should renovate.
Price : 200-300 per person
Plus : Big servings and friendly service
Minus : Always full. Make reservations for important dinners.No WIFI.

Aveneto Pizzeria
GF, Glorietta 3.
Makati City
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