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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Videoke Night! (Guzia Cafe, Makati. 7.23.10)

Went to Guzia Cafe to celebrate a colleague's birthday. We had videoke all night, it was awesome!

Guzia Cafe, Makati. July 2010.

Happy Birthday Melds!

Too bad they removed a lot of dishes from the menu. They said they got rid of all the unhealthy stuff, including the chicken skin! Waaaah! Haha. Good effort on trying to be healthy. The prices went up though.

The free videoke was great as always! We had an amazing time. :)


Food : 5/10. Still could be improved.
Ambiance : Clean and cozy.
Price : 100-150 per person
Plus : Free videoke. Friendly staff. Inexpensive menu.
Minus : Food is still not that awesome.

Guzia Cafe
7613 Guijo St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City
email : /
contact nos. : 09159418228 ; 02 5669455
websites : / Makati


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ezra said...

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