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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Best Crispy Pata at Bob Marlin, Naga City. PH.

Bob Marlin is perfect if you want to drink the night away. It's good for dinners too. Last November 2009, I went there after almost 5 years. I can't believe how it looks and feels the same. Still so inviting...

The placemats were cool.

We ordered these colored drinks that tasted sweet and bitter (because of the alcohol) at the same time. No kick from that drink. We had to go to another bar to get watsed. Haha! I loved the colors though.

Php 99 (?) I forgot to take a photo of the menu

The Crispy Pata was amazing! I can't believe my friend and I finished the whole thing! Talk about inducing a heart attack. Lolz. But seriously, some people say, this is the best Crispy Pata in Naga City!

Huge serving of Crispy pata for Php 300

Food : Crispy pata was 10/10. Cocktail was 5/10.
Ambiance : Grill type of environment. Good for eating outside and drinking. Has indoor/outdoor dining areas.
Price : 150-200 per person
Plus : has smoking and non smoking areas.
Minus : Service can be slow sometimes.

Bob Marlin
Magsaysay Ave., Naga City
November 2009


applelicious said...

naglalaway ako!! me too, bob marlin's crispy pata is the best!!!

ezra said...

mapol, si last kong duman, itong kitang tulo na che na mga nka pink kita na subli kita bado nya,..hehe

crispy pata man gari kita kato..

caterpillarincouture said...

wow sarap :) Ez yung collage ko sa polyvore ko yun ginagawa, fashion blog din yun pero di ko alam kung pwede mag uploads nang pictures. Baka pwede check mo.Pero maganda naman gawa mo ha..

ezra said...

sarap tlga!

cge check ko yung polyvore..tnx!

applelicious said...

yes yes exactly!!!

kamo ni che kaibanan ko first and last time ko manamitan to.. hehehe dae kona nalingawan lasa!

ezra said...

masiramun man dna kaibanan ko kani..hanep ta naubos mi.. cholesterol! haha!

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