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Monday, January 21, 2013

Coffee and Ma Maison (Greenbelt 2, Makati. May 2012)

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We got these tiny free chocolatey coffee from Starbucks in Glorietta 4. I love freebies! We had coffee at Starbucks to keep us awake all night because we had to work.

Food hopping buddy, Ethel, treated me for dinner. It was my first time in Ma Maison in Greenbelt 2, Makati.

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I liked the ambiance, all the dark wood and printed couches made me feel like I was in some GodFather movie. Too dark for me though. These days, I like bright and light interiors better, like Moonleaf's for example.

Service was excellent, our waitress was very attentive and periodically asked us how we were doing, or if we needed anything. I think their Manager also asked us if everything was okay.

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The chicken wasn’t so great though, this was one of the free dishes they gave as an opening promotion. They said it was one of their best sellers. I felt like the chicken was a bit raw. Maybe I’m just not an expert on dishes like this, but I was never dissatisfied with a chicken dish, unless it tasted raw. I hope it was just the flavour they were going for. It was okay, but I was expecting more.

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I wasn’t a fan of the beef either, maybe because I really don’t like beef. The omelette I liked, but who could go wrong with an omelette, right? Maybe I'm just not into Ma Maison's cuisine.

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They’re a bit expensive for the taste and size of the servings, as with all Bistro restaurants. I should go back to change my impression, but because Italianni’s is just a few steps from their location, I feel like I’d rather spend my hard earned money on a sure win like Italianni’s.

There is WIFI, and the password is the same for all Bistro restaurants. I even had a skype call with my Mom that dinner time, it was Mother’s day. I sent her a photo of her gift and the link to a mother’s day blogpost, but she preferred that I called. So I called at past 11 pm, just a few minutes before Mother’s day ended.



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